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Kiyoshi Purple

Kiyoshi Purple

MSRP: $350

OBAN’s Kiyoshi Purple is a¬†radically unique shaft design utilizing¬†breakthrough Emersion Wrapped Frequency Technology – offering high launch and low spin ball flight characteristics. Torques will vary depending on the shaft weight class.


Ultra premium, high modulus composite materials supplied by the leading pre-preg manufacturers in the world provide better feel and performance.


OBAN’s revolutionary Emersion Wrapped Frequency (EWF) Technology combines high modulus and ultra-thin carbon fiber sheets using a proprietary new design process. This results in multi-directional shaft strength enabling significantly improved torque control, bend points, and stability with less ovalization.


The Kiyoshi Purple, utilizing EWF Technology, reveals design properties ideal for creating high launch and low spin performance for longer distance and tight dispersion.

Kiyoshi PRP Hybrid – 100 gm
Flex OBAN Flex Butt Tip Tip Parallel Length Torque Weight Launch Spin
S 04 .600 .370 2.7 42″ 2.6 98 MID/HIGH LOW/MID
X 05 .600 .370 2.7 42″ 2.6 100 MID/HIGH LOW/MID

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